Yuzvendra Chahal: Better to resume cricket with IPL

Yuzvendra Chahal: Better to resume cricket with IPL
Yuzvendra Chahal: Better to resume cricket with IPL

Indian leg-spinner, Yuzvendra Chahal, has opined that the stopped cricketing activities shall resume from the Indian Premier League (IPL).

IPL shall have been in full swing if Coronavirus pandemic has not affected the sports scenarios globally. Coronavirus pandemic stopped all the cricketing activities in the mid of March. IPL 2020 was all set to be started by 29th March. Later, it was shifted to the latest window of April-May, but an extension in the lockdown by the Indian government till 3rd May has halted the cash-rich league.

Chahal has suggested that whenever the cricketing activities will begin, they shall begin with IPL. According to him, as the tournament runs for two months, it can serve as a platform for the players to prepare themselves well, and resuming the cricket with the Indian league can be one of the best options.

“It would be the best option to resume with IPL as it will be played for over 2 months. So everyone will get time to prepare themselves. In my opinion, it would be better to resume cricket with IPL than with any series,” Chahal said in an interview with Sports Tak.

The owners of the franchises are now looking for a new window of October which can cause disruptions in the pre-planned schedule of ICC World Cup 2019. If IPL will go ahead, ICC can most likely drag the T20 World Cup to 2021.

Upon being asked for what he does in his vacant time in the lockdown he said that this gap can make him mentally stronger.

“In 20 years of cricket career, this is the first time that I am not being able to do anything. But you can take it positively also that it will make you mentally stronger. It was difficult for me in the initial two days because I haven’t stayed at home for so long”, Yuzvendra Chahal added.

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