The New Head Coach of Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket Board were in search of a new coach for quite some time now, an experienced figure who can lead the team in the right direction.

Dual role of New Head Coach of Pakistan

Recently, the PCB found exactly what they were looking for, appointing Misbah-ul-Haq as their new head coach and chief selector. This is not the first time in Pakistan, that a former captain had been appointed as a coach, The example of Waqar Yonus as a bowling coach can also be seen.

According to the sources, Misbah has been appointed under a three-year contract, he will be given 2.8 million for his double role, as a head coach and as a chief selector.

The idea of having dual roles was explained by the CEO of Pakistan Cricket Board, Wasim Khan:

“Everyone asks questions about accountability. Now Misbah will be accountable for selection as well as performance. The concept of head coach-cum-chief selector is innovative. After being introduced to our system, it has also put more responsibility on Misbah’s shoulders as he will now be solely responsible and accountable for the team’s performances. ”

The New Head Coach of Pakistan

Misbah’s Second Chance in Pakistan Team

For the longest time, Misbah has been criticised in playing slow and defensively. Whereas, he has hit the second-fastest century in Test history and led Pakistan’s team to top Test ranking for the longest time. Yet his name was typecast as tuk-tuk. 

Despite all the criticism, he still managed to be positive and looking forward to his new position. He says: “Being a coach, I will try to build a team that plays aggressively and wins easily. But then at certain times, you have to assess the strength of the opponent and make your strategy accordingly.”

Further discussing his strategy to play he emphasizes, “My priority as a coach to have a team that plays an attacking cricket and dominate and that’s the way forward but at certain times you have to re-look your strategy. I always believed that your strategy is based on the resources you’ve got. Ideally, you obviously try and wish to have resources that you can just dominate and knock out the opposition.”

Misbah as a player in Pakistan Team

One can never doubt the ability of Misbah, having the most successful test captain record with only 20 matches lost out of 56 tests and 11 drawn. Throughout his career, he played 75 Tests, 162 one-day internationals and 39 T20 matches for Pakistan and then retired in 2017.

Future of cricket in Pakistan

Along with Misbah, Pakistan has reassigned another figure to help lead them forward. Waqar Younis was tempted to join the Pakistan coaching staff, as bowling coach, even though his last experience was not so good stint.

Misbah expressed great words, “I am excited to once again have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Waqar Younis in my corner as a bowling coach. We have exciting young fast bowlers in our ranks and there is no better person than Waqar to transform them into modern-day stars.”

They became well acquainted with each other and had a discussion on the number of matters and both seemed to get along. Focusing on their roles and responsibilities as well as how to take things forward in the future.

The first project of Misbah and Waqar combination will be the upcoming 3 ODI and 3 T20I home series against Sri Lanka, which will be played from 27 September to 9 October. Also the duo’s first series in the World Test Championship of Australia.

This new change will work in uplifting Pakistan Cricket team. Hopefully, in providing them with the success and consistency they have been lacking for a long time now.

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