Kapil Dev lashes out at Shoaib Akhtar for Indo-Pak series idea

Kapil Dev lashes out at Shoaib Akhtar for Indo-Pak series idea
Kapil Dev lashes out at Shoaib Akhtar for Indo-Pak series idea

Kapil Dev, the former Indian cricketer, has rejected Shoaib Akhtar’s idea of Indo-Pak series to raise Coronavirus funds and has lashed out at him on this unnecessary idea in a critical situation.

Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistani bowler, recently presented an idea according to which three-match ODI series between arch-rivals could end up with higher bids on account of raising Coronavirus funds.

Kapil Dev neglected his point of view and is against Shoaib by calling this proposal “unnecessary.” Kapil reminded that the global crisis and other problems are more important than cricket in the meantime.

According to the former Indian cricketer, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is in a good enough position to donate more if needed and has already given a surplus amount. He elaborated that the three-match ODI series cannot make that much money, and we don’t need cash.

“He is entitled to his opinion, but we don’t need to raise the money. For us, what is important right now is how our authorities work together to deal with this crisis,” he said.

“The pressing issue is to look after the poor, the hospital workers, the police, and all other people who are on the frontline of this war.”

“The BCCI has donated a hefty amount ($6.7 million) for the cause and is in a position to give much more if the need arises. It doesn’t need to raise funds.

“And how much money can you make from three games? In my view, you can’t even think of cricket for the next five to six months,”

He also highlighted that conductance of the Indo-Pak series could divert the attention of public masses from an ongoing global crisis by the Coronavirus, and things can be at risk as an adverse outcome.

“The situation is unlikely to get normal anytime soon and organizing a cricket game means putting our cricketers at risk which we don’t need to,”

“Cricket will resume when things get normal. The game can’t be bigger than the country.”

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