Wasim Akram refuses to address fixing allegations

Wasim Akram refuses to address fixing allegations
Wasim Akram refuses to address fixing allegations

The king of swing, Wasim Akram of Pakistan has neglected all the claims of match-fixing against him and said that he has no time for the negativity and it would be better to ignore such claims.’

Wasim revealed that when he heard about accuses his fellows made about him, he got hurt but, instead of answering to such people, the king of swing has chosen to stay quiet and said that he has no time to spread negativity.

He mentioned that it is been around two decades since he retired and now people are remembering my involvement in the fixings.

“I get upset when I hear such negative things about me. I retired from cricket 17 years ago in 2003 but people still take my name to further their interests.” Akram said in an interview published on BSports.

“I have always ignored such people and will continue to do so in the future because I don’t have time for negative people in my life.”

The left-arm pacer’s statement has come in the wake of prior blame that Aamer Sohail put on him. Aamer held Wasim Akram responsible for Pakistan’s defeats against India, Australia, and Bangladesh back in 1999 World Cup.

“Look, the biggest contribution by Wasim Akram for Pakistan cricket was making sure Pakistan does not win a World Cup after 92. Imran Khan should be very grateful to him, and he is, by awarding him the presidential award. If he [Wasim] was sincere with Pakistan, we would have easily won 1996, 1999 and 2003 World Cups,” claimed Aamer.

“All of this drama happened for a reason. This should be investigated. The cul­prit behind all this sho­uld be brought to the forefront,” Aamer Sohail, who played his last World Cup in 1996, concluded.

However, Atta ur Rehman, former fast bowler did also blame Wasim Akram for his part in match-fixing in 1999 World Cup against the mentioned above three opponents.

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