Umar Akmal deserves more than this: PCB counsel Taffazul Rizvi

Umar Akmal deserves more than this: PCB counsel Taffazul Rizvi
Umar Akmal deserves more than this: PCB counsel Taffazul Rizvi

On Monday, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) handed over Umar Akmal, the Pakistani talented batsman who wasted his career involving himself in the unwanted controversies, for the next three years and he won’t be able to play any format of the game till the denounced time.

PCB counsel Taffazul Rizvi, however, thinks of it as justice and says that the players shall be granted with a longer ban if they indulge themselves in such activities. Umar Akmal recently failed to submit the charges against him and did not appear in the hearing after breaching code of conduct of expires. The time given by PCB to him expires, thence the Akmal’s cricketing career expired.

“He was repeatedly attempting to justify his folly. His reply was confused, he neither accepted his position nor denied it. He did admit the questionable incidents, yet was offering frivolous justifications for non-reporting. When you admit the violation, you leave yourself to the mercy of the tribunal.

“This three-year ban on the basis of non-reporting is considered appropriate. The PCB was asking for a stiffer sentence. It’s high time that duration of the ban should be increased because it’s very clear that players are not learning the lessons as much as they should have,” Tafazzul Rizvi further said.

Umar Akmal, no doubt, a batsman with brilliancy who used to drag the team out of hardships when needed. He wasted his talent by involving himself in culprit acts and breaching the board’s policies. His beginning of 2020 has not gone good so far. On the day when Umar was supposed to play for Quetta Gladiators in the first match of PSL, PCB banned him till further hearing.

Also, he has a past full of such activities such as in April 2010, he feigned an injury. Later in 2012, he was fined for insisting on a change of gloves. Then in February 2014, booked for a rash driving was followed by partying without permission in November 2015. He was involved in two controversies in 2016 one of which was brawling in Faislabad theatre and the other was, he did not adhere to clothing guidelines. Another two in 2017 involved his case along with Junaid Khan. He was also sent home by the board during ICC Champions Trophy in 2017.

The year 2020 also did not bring him luck as mentioned earlier, was banned on the day of the opening ceremony of PSL. In the fitness test held, he while being naked asked the trainer where the fat is on his body and later he breached the code of conduct. Thus, so many unwanted controversies led PCB to ban him for the next three years; a waste of talent.

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