Pakistan vs India Warm-Up Match in Doubts

Pakistan vs India Warm-Up Match in Doubts before the T20 World Cup:

The T20 World Cup 2020 will be held in Australia next year starting from October. The top 9 teams according to the ICC rankings, along with the hosts Australia, and the 6 qualifying teams who made it through the T20 World Cup Qualifiers, will face each other in seven different venues in Australia.

A Pakistan vs India match is not likely to happen during the group stages of the T20 World Cup 2020 due to both teams being placed in different groups, according to the fixtures which were announced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in January 2019.

However, a warm-up match between the two traditional rivals was expected to take place during the event but the organizers seem unsure about it now.

Pakistan vs India Warm-Up Match in Doubts

Nick Hockley about the Pakistan vs India Warm-Up Match:

The CEO of the ICC T20 World Cup 2020, Nick Hockley made it clear that the organizing body has not scheduled a Pakistan vs India warm-up match yet. Nick Hockley said that they still have not decided on the warm-up match in the event, while he said that he is aware of the focus this Pakistan vs India rivalry receives around the world from the fans.

Nick Hockley talked about the ticket sales of the mega event reaching their peak. He reiterated that a Pakistan vs India warm-up match is yet to be decided, but the two teams can compete in the knockout stages of the tournament.

Hockley talked about the activities outside the stadiums during the World Cup encounters. He revealed that Sydney’s Olympic Park will be hosting celebrations during the initial days of the tournament, and many other activities are being set up in the city center along with other venues to cater to a wide variety of fan needs.

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