Pak vs NZ: Newly reported cases termed as ‘historical’

Pak vs NZ: Newly reported cases termed as 'historical' 1Pak vs NZ: According to the reports, two of the three cases from the Pakistani squad have been termed as historical not infectious as the 42 members on Monday cleared their third COVID-19 test and the three tests were under consideration.

Notably, when a total of 46 tests were conducted, the three unnamed players ended up having positive PCR. Upon analysis, two of them have been termed as historical infectious and thus, can be included in the squad.

The clarification might allow player training in New Zealand by Friday as the players are waiting for the good news. As there is no training, the two boards, New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have mutually agreed on canceling the four-day practice match that was to start from 10th December.

Pak vs NZ: Newly reported cases termed as ‘historical’

“Two members of the Pakistan men’s cricket team who we reported yesterday as under investigation tested positive at day 6 routine testing. These people are confirmed as having historical infections, and will be counted in our total as they have not been counted overseas,” said a spokesperson of the New Zealand health ministry.

“Decisions around exemptions from managed isolation requirements which would allow the team to train are still under consideration,” the spokesperson said.

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Pak vs NZ: Newly reported cases termed as 'historical' 2

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