Kapil Dev slams Shoaib Akhtar once again

Kapil Dev slams Shoaib Akhtar once again
Kapil Dev slams Shoaib Akhtar once again

Shoaib Akhtar recently presented an idea of Indo-Pak bilateral series to raise the Coronavirus funds upon which he was badly criticized by Indians. Last time when India and Pakistan faced each other in a bilateral series was back in 2012. Since then, the arch-rivals faced each other only in mega ICC events.

Kapil Dev, the former Indian cricketer too made fun of him and criticized him saying that BCCI has enough money and they don’t need to organize an Indo-Pak bilateral to make more money. However, Shoaib’s idea was supported by a few of his fellows, not to raise Coronavirus funds, but to reduce the friction of hatred among both the countries.

Recently, Kapil Dev has once again taken a dig over him saying that we want schools and colleges to reopen first, and if they want to make money, they shall stop making activities at the border first. Kapil added that it is the time to grant safety to our players rather than organizing the cricket events.

“I am looking at the larger picture. Do you think cricket is the only issue we can talk about? I am rather worried about the children who are not being able to go to schools and colleges because that is our young generation. So, I want schools to reopen first. Cricket, football will happen eventually,” Kapil was quoted as saying in DNA.

“You could be emotional and say that yes, India and Pakistan should play matches. Playing matches is not a priority at the moment. If you need the money then you should stop the activities at the border,” the veteran added.

“If we really need money then we have so many religious organizations, they should come forward. It is their responsibility. We offer so much when we visit the religious shrines, so they should help the government,” he added.

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