ICC T20 World Cup likely to be shifted to 2022

ICC T20 World Cup likely to be shifted to 2022
ICC T20 World Cup likely to be shifted to 2022

In the midst of the Coronavirus flare-up, the ICC T20 World Cup, which is probably going to take place in Australia, is by all accounts can be move to a window of 2022.

During the lockdown, no cricket exercises are being started on. Regardless of whether the series, tours, tournaments, or the leagues, all kinds of cricket have been suspended indefinitely. The situation can severely interfere in the ICC’s mega-event, ICC T20 world cup schedule as well.

The organizers planned ICC T20 World Cup to be kicked off by 18th October which as a consequence of the global crisis seems impossible.


“We are expecting three options from the ICC Events Committee. The first option is having World T20 as per schedule with 14-day quarantine with the crowd being allowed” a governing body from ICC told to PTI.

“The back-up for this option could be tournament in-front of an empty stadium. The third option could be shifting the tournament to 2022,” he added.

However, earlier, ICC said that they are not rushing towards the T20 World Cup and when the situation settles, they will search for the best possible window. The reality is that as the number of cases are rising day by day amid the Coronavirus spreading widely, there are the least possibilities of any cricketing activity to go ahead in the full swing. It is to be noted that the rescheduling Indian Premier League might also trouble T20 World Cup’s schedule.

“We are continuing with our planning for ICC events as they are, but given the rapidly evolving situation as a prudent and responsible measure we are also undertaking a comprehensive contingency planning exercise,” ICC spokesperson said.

“This includes exploring all options available to us based on a range of scenarios connected to the pandemic,” he added.

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