England owe a return tour to Pakistan: Wasim Akram demands

England owe a return tour to Pakistan: Wasim Akram
England owe a return tour to Pakistan: Wasim Akram

The former veteran swing bowler, Wasim Akram, says England shall tour Pakistan as they owe a return tour after Men in Green have visited them for a three-match T20I and Test series.

“You (England) boys owe Pakistan cricket, and the country, a lot, with the boys coming over here,” Pakistan great Akram told Sky Sports on Sunday.

“The English players were there for the Pakistan Super League in our team, Karachi Kings –- Alex Hales and Chris Jordan,” said Akram, arguably the greatest left-arm fast bowler in cricket history.

“They loved it, they enjoyed it, they got looked after beautifully and I must give credit to the government of Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan team and their staff.”

“So if everything goes well, England should tour Pakistan.

“I promise you they’ll get looked after on and off the field there and every game will be a packed house.”

England owe a return tour to Pakistan: Wasim Akram

In 2009, outside the Gadaffi Stadium, the Sri Lanka Cricket team was targetted and an attack on them closed to doors of international cricket on Pakistan. No matches were held for eleven years. The reputation and image of Pakistan were spoilt among foreigners. Nobody wanted to tour and play in Pakistan and the cricket-loving nation craved for the back of international cricket for so long. They were termed as the terrorist nation. Must be hard on them.

After the hard work of the PCB and armed forces, the utmost security was granted which resulted in the comeback of cricket at Pakistan.

In 2019, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka teams arrived at Pakistan to play bilateral series. Since 2015, things started getting better and as Pakistan now has assured complete security as commented by foreigners who came and played in 2019 and 2020, the world trusts Pakistan, and more teams are willing to tour the country. Also, the PSL for the first time was entirely played in Pakistan in full-fledge.

Instead of Asian teams, teams like South Africa, England, and Australia shall visit there as they are assuring complete package of security so cricket at their (Pakistan) homeland can be enhanced.

The British Commissioner is confident to send the team to the cricket-loving nation for match conflicts among home-siders Pakistan and the runner-ups of World Cup 2019.

After analyzing the much-improved security conditions in Pakistan, the British Commissioner had denounced that along with the other foreign countries, they too are satisfied with Pakistan’s security circumstances and with fewer fears of security concerns.

Also, Wasim Khan, the CEO of PCB has hinted towards England tour of Pakistan recently.

Some glimpses from Pakistan vs England second test match:

England owe a return tour to Pakistan: Wasim Akram demands 1

England owe a return tour to Pakistan: Wasim Akram demands 2

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