Afridi, Yousaf want Shoaib, Rizvi to end their conflict

Afridi, Yousaf want Shoaib, Rizvi to end their conflict
Afridi, Yousaf want Shoaib, Rizvi to end their conflict

Former cricketers, Shahid Afridi and Mohammad Yusuf, want PCB’s legal advisor, Tafazzul Rizvi, and former cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar to peacefully end their conflict.

Recently, Umar Akmal’s ban has been the topic for sporting media. Some think tha board has exaggerated his matter and the Board doesn’t treat every player equally.

Shoaib Akhtar is of the same view and said that Rizvi is an inept man and the Board deals differently with different players. The usage of harsh words publically led Shoaib into hot waters as Rizvi has filed Rs 10 Million defamation lawsuit against him.

In reply, the former fast bowler has refused to back down in the impending legal battle with him and has got a lawyer branding adversary’s performance as unsatisfactory.

As the fire is now catching fumes, Shahid Afridi and Yousuf want then both to deal peacefully.

“Shoaib Akhtar was one of Pakistan’s best-ever bowlers and match winners. As he said he respects law and lawyers, I hope him and Taffazul Rizvi can sort out their issues amicably in the coming days. I am ready to help them reach an amicable solution,” added Afridi.

اس میں کوئی شک نہیں کہ شعیب اختر پاکستان کااسٹارکھلاڑی ہے،تفضل رضوی اورشعیب دونوں کوچاہیےیہ معاملہ افہام وتفہیم سے حل کریں،ایسی . . چیزوں سے ہماری کرکٹ پیچھےاورنوجوان کھلاڑیوں پربرا اثرپڑتاہے

Added Yousaf.

The spot-fixing scandals have been the part of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for so long. Many have raised their voices on the board’s different dealing with different players. People use Amir and Sharjeel’s another chance as an example that they were favoured.

It is to be noted that recently, the former chairman of PCB, disclosed that Umar’s disciplinary issues are due to his underlying disease called epilepsy.

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