Wasim Khan lashes out on M. Hafeez’s statement on Sharjeel

Wasim Khan lashes out on M. Hafeez's statement on Sharjeel
Wasim Khan lashes out on M. Hafeez’s statement on Sharjeel

Wasim Khan, the CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lashed out at the veteran all-rounder, M. Hafeez. for his controversial statement on Sharjeel Khan.

Wasim has not taken Hafeez kindly and has reminded him in an impolite tone that it does not concern him who plays for Pakistan and who does not.

Recently, Hafeez has weighed in for Sharjeel Khan reviving a discussion over his past experience of a ban and comparing it to his place in Pakistan National Cricket Team. He, in a wondering tone, wrote on Twitter that doesn’t dignity and pride matter at all while choosing the players to play for the National side.

Hafeez made such a statement on Sharjeel’s past experience of a ban due to his spot-fixing scandal for which he already has served a long-term charge along with the rehabilitation process and forgiving pardon statements publically.

Wasim Khan, however, made it clear in his statements that Hafeez shall not poke his nose in the selection as it does not concern him at all, all the policies of a selection and passing our critical comments over any player.

“Current players should not be going up on social media to criticize other players or talk about what policies the cricket board should or shouldn’t have. They can have their opinions about various things about world cricket and cricket in general but not about the rights and wrongs of players and the boards and they should leave that to cricket board to answer.

“I will be personally speaking to Mohammad Hafeez about that and I don’t think it’s his place to be doing it. No other player in the world does that so why should our Pakistani players do that?”

“Coming from an English environment, I never saw an English player tweet about policies, procedures, talking about other players’ right or wrong. My view is, he should focus on his own game, focus on the cricketing opinion he can give but don’t give a personal opinion about other players,” said Wasim Khan while talking with ESPN Cricinfo.

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