A shock for PCB: Board to suffer a loss of $5.2 Million

A shock for PCB: Board to suffer a loss of $5.2 Million
A shock for PCB: Board to suffer a loss of $5.2 Million

The delay due to Coronavirus in the knockout matches of HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 and some of the games played behind closed doors is going to cost a sound loss of $5.2 Million to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

The CEO of PCB, Wasim Khan, today has revealed the exact estimated amount that the board is going to lose due to the Coronavirus cancellations of PSL.

“I was roughly calculating that it could be around the 200-million-rupee mark in terms of gate receipts that we actually lost on our revenue,” Wasim said.

He also mentioned that calling-off of PSL is not only the financial damages but, the one-off ODI, and Karachi Test against Bangladesh that was scheduled to be played later after the termination of PSL has also costed the board negatively.

“Additional loss of $3-4m will be caused by the cancellation of the remainder of Bangladesh’s tour,” added Wasim.

However, the fact that a vast majority of Pakistan Super League was already wrapped up and it’s sponsorships for the franchises’ kits, as well as broadcasting deals with the companies, are about to expire that will save the board from incurring massive losses, which could be the case for other boards.

“So we are in a fortunate position in the fact that the only immediate loss we have is the Bangladesh series,” he said.

PSL is not only the league to get a delay. About to be started Indian Premier League (IPL) by 29th March has also been called-off by Indian Cricket authorities indefinitely and is all-set to be rescheduled by 15th April if the conditions get better. If the circumstances remained critical, there might be an announcement for a definite delay but, BCCI is in no mood for the complete termination and want to drag it ahead by any means.

Other than the T20 leagues, a vast variety of the series and international tours have also gotten postponed due to globally worsened rising Coronavirus and every board is almost going through a surplus loss. PSL, however, is in its fifth year of the business, was expected to generate sound revenues along with the board which due to the outbreak and lockdown is about to go in a damage scenario.

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