Senior Bangladesh players fail the beep test

Senior Bangladesh players criticize the beep tests:

The former Bangladesh captain, Mohammad Ashraful, along with some senior players who also take part in domestic campaigns, failed the beep test conducted by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) on Monday, September 30. The beep test was conducted ahead of the upcoming National Cricket League (NCL), Bangladesh’s traditional first-class tournament.

Most of the players looking to take part in the National Cricket League (NCL) crossed the minimum requirement of 11 but the performance of several seasoned cricketers fell below the benchmark set by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). The beep test is mandatory for all the players that are looking forward to taking part in the National Cricket League (NCL).

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) introduced the beep test last year with the minimum requirement of 9, which was changed to 11 this year ahead of the National Cricket League (NCL).

Some of the senior Bangladesh cricketers criticized the act saying that they did not have enough time to prepare for the beep test as they were informed about the change in the minimum requirement only a couple of days before the beep test.

Senior Bangladesh players fail the beep test

The former Bangladesh captain, Mohammad Ashraful scored 9.6, Nasir Hossain scored 9.7, Abdur Razzak made 9.4, Arafat Sunny had 10.9, Elias Sunny struck 10, Nadif Choudhury made 10.4, and Mohammad Sharif scored 10.6. Senior players: Shuvagoto Hom, Nazmul Apu, and Shahadat Hossain were among many others who crossed the benchmark set by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

Mohammad Ashraful praised the system even after failing the test saying that it would help players focus more on fitness when they are away from cricket.

Tushar Kanti Howlader about the beep test:

Bangladesh Cricket Board’s game development strength and conditioning Coach Tushar Kanti Howlader conducted the beep test. Tushar said that it was good overall and the players have done well beyond their expectations, even if some did not fare well compared to others but this is normal.

Tushar explained that everyone cannot run at the same speed as they are born with different bone muscles. Tushar made it clear that unless the players strike the minimum requirement of the beep test, they will not be able to play the National Cricket League (NCL). Tushar added that the NCL is open for all and the players can take their time to attend the beep test.

Habibul Bashar about the beep test:

Bangladesh’s national selector Habibul Bashar made the same point clear by saying that a player can give the beep test as many as five times if necessary, but they have to pass the test to make themselves eligible for their selection in the National Cricket League (NCL).

Habibul Bashar said that if necessary they will provide the opportunity of taking the beep test five times like we did in the last year. Bashar added that last year some cricketers failed to make the cut and were not included. Bashar said that we made it clear to them that whenever they pass the test they will be eligible to get into the squads, some cricketers did get into the squads after they passed the beep test.

Bashar said that the required score for the beep test was higher than the last time and every player knew about it as there was nothing new in it, perhaps the reason why there are more discussions this time is because the level had been increased.

He said that regardless of what anyone says, everyone took it very positively and he is very happy because they have realized the importance of the beep test. Habibul Bashar revealed that 96 percent passed in Dhaka while he is yet to receive the results from the other divisions.

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