Cricket Australia: might force us to stick to one venue for India’s test series

Coronavirus might force us to change the schedule for India's test series: Cricket Australia
Coronavirus might force us to change the schedule for India’s test series: Cricket Australia

Recently, Cricket Australia has denounced the schedule for the test series against India along with the venues for all the four tests.

Australia Cricket have denounced the schedule of their upcoming international matches for the home season to be held during 20220-2021. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has halted cricketing activities in Australia which has deprived the players of physical activity for so long. As the rescheduling has taken place on Friday, it is a consequence of improving situations that have triggered the hope for cricket in the country.

The much-awaited India vs Australia series will be initiated in a short time and the board has revealed that the players will be quarantined for 14 days before the main matches will begin as estimated near the window of the World Cup.

The expected venues have also been discussed according to which Brisbane has got the rights for hosting the first test match which at the moment is expected to be initiated by 3rd December. Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney will get rights for the remaining matches, however, Perth has got no rights to host a test this time. India, last time, lost their first and only test at Perth, luckily, they won’t have to face a similar pitch again. The reports have suggested that Adelaide might be hosting its first day-night test match this Winter.

However, Kevin Roberts, CEO of CA, thinks that they might go with one venue only as the situation is unpredictable yet for the future.

Coronavirus might force us to change the schedule for India’s Test series: Cricket Australia

“That (schedule) assumes that state borders are open to domestic travel. It may be that circumstances dictate that when the time comes maybe we can only use one or two venues, we really don’t know any of that yet,” he told reporters as quoted by on Friday.

“There is a lot of variables based on whether we have four venues in four states or as little as one venue in one state. There are endless scenarios and possibilities.”

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