Rajkumar Sharma says, Afridi is a negative sort of guy

Rajkumar Sharma says, Afridi is a negative sort of guy
Rajkumar Sharma says, Afridi is a negative sort of guy

Recently, Shahid Afridi has been spotted during a social media video, the former Pakistani all-rounder, heavily criticizing the racist Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, over his visit to Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

It is not the first time the veteran has raised his voice over Kashmir’s issue. After heavily criticizing Modi’s government, Afridi has been slammed by many Indian players and is bearing their fuming comments.

Rajkumar Sharma, Virat Kohli’s childhood coach, says that Afridi is a very negative sort of guy who needs to learn many things. He finds it unbearable to listen heavy comments over his country.

Rajkumar Sharma on Shahid Afridi: He is a very negative sort of guy

“Nobody in the Indian cricket team takes him seriously. He was not even taken seriously when he was playing cricket. And he doesn’t deserve to because talking like this is not acceptable at any stage. Indian cricketers are sober and they don’t talk like this,” Sharma was quoted as saying in an exclusive interview to Republic TV on Monday, May 18.

Virat’s childhood coach thinks that Afridi keeps on passing such comments in order to grab attention because he wants to be a politician in the near future.

“They stand for their country but never abuse any other country or their PM. I think Shahid Afridi needs to learn a lot. He is a very negative sort of guy. Virat Kohli never talks about Shahid he is not that important that he should be talked about,” he stated.

“I think Afridi wants to come in politics. Whosoever criticizes or abuses India becomes famous in Pakistan. It is their mentality. Shahid Afridi is moving in that direction. I don’t think anybody will take him seriously from now on,” Rajkumar Sharma added.

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