Javed Miandad apologizes for his words on Imran Khan

Javed Miandad apologizes for his words on Imran Khan
Javed Miandad apologizes for his words on Imran Khan

The ex-Pakistani legendary batsman, Javed Miandad, earlier uttered some words for the Prime Minister Imran Khan. His words conclude that Imran Khan does not give the chance to the local but prefers foreign players for specific key jobs in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Miandad claimed that Imran has destroyed Pakistan cricket and now he has apologized if his words have hurt Imran.

The former cricketer also claimed that the top officials of the national board are unaware about the basics and generals of cricket.

“All officials in the PCB do not know the ABC of the sport. I will talk to Imran Khan personally about the sad state of affairs. I will not leave anyone that is not right for our country,” Miandad had said on his official YouTube channel.

“You appointed a foreigner on a key position. What will happen when he flees the country after doing corruption? Is there a shortage of people in your own country that you had to bring people from abroad to work in the PCB,” Miandad had added.

“I was your captain, you weren’t my captain. I’ll come to politics and then I’ll talk to you. I was the one who led you all the time, but you act like God now. It is almost like you’re the only intelligent person in this country as if no one has gone to Oxford or Cambridge or any other university in Pakistan. Think about the people,” said Miandad.

“You don’t care about the country. You came to my home and went out as a Prime Minister. I challenge you to deny this.

“What’s the meaning of being a Pakistani? To live and let live. Help your own. Be intelligent. I’ve echoed the nation’s voice. I know it is difficult for common people to raise their voice, but I’m at a position where I can raise their voice in front of the world,” said Miandad.

“I come from a different field. But I care about the world I live in, and I live among the people. And I’ve said this to Imran. I made him the Prime Minister,” he had added.

Javed Miandad apologizes for his words on Imran Khan

“If I have offended anyone, I apologized for my words, especially Prime Minister because I was angry about Pakistan’s performance in the first Test against England,” Miandad said in an exclusive interview on ARY News morning show, Bakhabar Savera.

“I have full respect for Prime Minister and Pakistan cricket fans all over the world,” he added.

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