Dean Jones: I fear the future of all T20 leagues except IPL

I fear the future of all T20 leagues except IPL, says Dean Jones
I fear the future of all T20 leagues except IPL, says Dean Jones

Dean Jones who used to play for Australia Cricket Team formerly has earned his title as professor of cricket collaborating in many T20 leagues around the world and working with them on a larger scale.

Recently, he has tweeted many tweets where he discussed the destiny of T20 leagues he fears about. He has mentioned that IPL will always go ahead as it is a cash-rich league. Fearing about the future of other T20 leagues, Jones discussed that there will be financial disruptions and broadcasters could not pay after the Coronavirus crisis will end up.

John moved ahead saying it might be troublesome for the leagues and profits could not be made. There will be no proper marketing of T20 leagues, hence, no profit.

He suggested organizing a meeting where the future of the T20 leagues can be discussed and better plans to evaluate from these leagues other than IPL can be estimated.

“IPL will always exist.. but I fear the future of all T20 Leagues around the world. They need to get their price/financial models right.. or only 2-3 T20 Leagues will survive.”

“Except for IPL… The future of T20 cricket is in the hands of the current player.. unless they drop their wages.. I cannot see Broadcasters paying big money now.. after COVID19.”

“I think all of the T20 cricket Leagues can survive.. but if the players want to be major stakeholders.. then they have to lower their wages for other Leagues to survive. Broadcasters are now struggling.”

“I think a big conference with a “Big think tank” for all T20 Leagues should happen.. how can they market it better? Get better returns? And communicate with each other for a better chance of survival.” posted Jones.

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