Danish Kaneria slams Shahid Afridi for his speech against India

Danish Kaneria slams Shahid Afridi for his speech against India
Danish Kaneria slams Shahid Afridi for his speech against India

Danish Kaneria, the former Pakistani cricketer, has slammed Shahid Afridi for his hateful speech against India.

Recently, Afridi was spotted in a video comparing India’s prime minister with the Coronavirus saying that the disease is harmful, but Modi’s heart is more poisonous and full of hate. He meant to point out Kashmir’s issue, however, the cricketer received heavy criticism from all over India.

Danish Kaneria has also raised his voice against Afridi saying that he shall think first before spitting his words out.

“Shahid Afridi should think before speaking on any matter. If he wants to join politics then he should quit all ties with cricket. It is important to stay away from cricket if you are speaking like a politician. Speeches like these create a negative image of Pakistan cricket not only in India but also around the world,” Kaneria told India TV.

Kaneria hasn’t speak publicly against Afridi. He said that Afridi was too harsh with his words that can spread negative image of Pakistan. Earlier, he has claimed Afridi did racism with him as he belong to Hinduism.

Other Indian cricketers such as, Harbhajan Singh, Gautam Gambhir, and Suresh Raina have also been spotted advising Afridi to stay within his limits and restricted to his country. Yuvraj and Harbhajan took part in donating for Afridi’s foundation and Kaneria thinks that the way is wrong as they helped Afridi and he uttered such words against their government.

“He appealed for help from them and after getting the help you end up saying things about their country and PM. What sort of friendship is this?” questioned Kaneria.

Danish Kaneria also seemed positive while discussing the future of Pakistan vs India matches.

“Cricketing ties between the two countries should resume. India and Pakistan have some political tension between them, which the government of both countries should resolve with dialogue so that cricket can return,” Kaneria said.

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