“Virat Kohli against ‘four-day Test’ proposal”

Virat Kohli is against the changes in Test cricket:

India’s star batsman and skipper, Virat Kohli has declared that he does not ‘endorse’ the four-day Test cricket.

The four-day Test matches may become the norm starting from the World Test Championship 2023. However, Kohli, along with Glenn McGrath, Nathan Lyon, and Vernon Philander, is against the change.

“Four-day Tests? Look, I’m not a fan of (it),” Kohli said in Guwahati on Saturday. “I think the intent will not be right then because then you will speak of three-day Tests, where do you end? Then you speak of Test cricket disappearing. I don’t endorse that at all. I don’t think that’s fair to the purest format of the game – how cricket started initially and five-day Test matches was the highest of tests you can have at the international level. According to me, it shouldn’t be altered.”

“Virat Kohli against ‘four-day Test’ proposal” 2

Virat Kohli also against 100-ball cricket:

Virat Kohli has also said that he is not in favor of the ECB’s 100-ball tournament. He also added that Day-Night cricket is all that should be changed in the format to preserve its ‘real quality’.

“I was asked about the 100-ball (ECB competition), I said I’m not going to try myself in another format because there’s already so much going on and with Test cricket, I don’t think we need…Day-night cricket is the most that needs to be changed about Test cricket, according to me. I mean then you’re surely going to be talking about getting the numbers in and entertainment.”

Australia’s Glenn McGrath has said that he would hate to see his favorite format get any shorter. He said that he appreciates the Day-Night Test and the introduction of pink-ball in Tests as such things are a great way to keep the game fresh and moving forward.


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