Oman Pentangular T20I Series

Oman leads the points table in the Oman Pentangular T20I Series:

Oman Pentangular T20I series between Oman, Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands, and Hong Kong concluded as Oman led the points table. A total of 10 matches were played between the 5 teams with each team having to play 4 matches against the other teams which were part of the series.

Oman finished on the top of the points table and won the series with a total of 8 points. Oman won 4 out of 4 matches after defeating every other team of the series. Ireland finished second as they won 3 out of 4 matches with 6 points on the points table. Nepal ended its run on the third spot after winnings 2 out of 4 matches with 4 points. The Netherlands won 1 game while losing 3, closing on the fourth spot with 2 points. Hong Kong finished at the bottom of the points table with 0 points.

Oman Pentangular T20I Series

The Oman Pentangular T20I Series started from 5 October and concluded on 10 October with 2 matches being played every day. Oman’s cricket team performed exceptionally well in their home grounds winning every single match they played with ease.

Ireland was very outstanding too in this pentangular series. Ireland won every single game except the one they played against Oman’s cricket team, where they lost by 43 runs.

Nepal had a very decent series, winning 2 and losing 2 matches. Nepal started after winning their earlier two matches against Hong Kong by 4 wickets and Netherlands by 4 wickets as well but lost the latter two matches against Ireland by 13 runs and Oman by 6 wickets.

The Netherlands won 1 match in the series and that was against Hong Kong by 37 runs. Netherland lost against Oman, Ireland, and Nepal’s cricket team.

Hong Kong lost 4 out of 4 matches they played in this pentangular series against every other team, but this series was very fruitful for Hong Kong in terms of experience as they got to play against Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands, and Oman.

Below are the results of the 10 matches that were played as part of the Oman Pentangular T20I Series.

Hong Kong vs Oman, 1st Match:

Hong Kong vs Oman, 1st Match:

Hong Kong: 96/9

Oman: 97/3 (13.5/20 overs, target 97)

Oman won the match by 7 wickets with 37 balls remaining.

Netherlands vs Ireland, 2nd Match:

Netherlands vs Ireland, 2nd Match:

Netherlands: 167/7

Ireland: 169/4 (18.2/20 overs, target 168)

Ireland won the match by 6 wickets with 10 balls remaining.

Oman vs Ireland, 3rd Match:

Oman: 173/9

Ireland: 130 all out (16.2/20 overs, target 174)

Oman won the match by 43 runs.

Hong Kong vs Nepal, 4th Match:

Hong Kong: 125/6

Nepal: 126/6 (19/20 overs, target 126)

Nepal won the match by 4 wickets with 6 balls remaining.

Netherlands vs Nepal, 5th Match:

Netherlands: 133 all out

Nepal: 134/6 (19.5/20 overs, target 134)

Nepal won the match by 4 wickets with 1 ball remaining.

Ireland vs Hong Kong, 6th Match:

Ireland: 208/5

Hong Kong: 142/9 (20 overs, target 209)

Ireland won the match by 66 runs.

Ireland vs Nepal, 7th Match:

Ireland: 145/8

Nepal: 132 all out (19.5/20 overs, target 146)

Ireland won the match by 13 runs.

Netherlands vs Oman, 8th Match:

Netherlands: 94 all out

Oman: 95/3 (15.1/20 overs, target 95)

Oman won the match by 7 wickets with 29 balls remaining.

Netherlands vs Hong Kong, 9th Match:

Netherlands: 185/4

Hong Kong: 148/7 (20 overs, target 186)

The Netherlands won the match by 37 runs.

Nepal vs Oman, 10th Match:

Nepal: 64 all out

Oman: 65/4 (11.5/20 overs, target 65)

Oman won the match by 6 wickets with 49 balls remaining.

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