Cricket South Africa (CSA) suspended by the government

Cricket South Africa (CSA) suspended by the government
Cricket South Africa (CSA) suspended by the government

The government of South Africa has suspended Cricket South Africa (CSA). The news must be heartbreaking for the players and their fans as they no more would be commanded by the Cricket authorities and management. The government has taken the hold over the nation’s sports itself from Thursday.

The announcement came in the light of criminal and fixations attempts in recent times. The excessive culprit acts have led the federation to refrain the cricket board of its rights. However, a big blow might be here as the International Cricket Council (ICC) do not allow any government/federation directly leading sports of any nation’s board from the front.

The decision might be regretting South Africa as per ICC’s rule in the upcoming times and the countering cricket nation might be unable to play any international cricket.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) suspended by the government

Letters from the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) to CSA says “the CSA board and those senior executives who serve ex-officio on the board (the company secretary, the acting CEO, the CFO and the COO) are directed to step aside from the administration of CSA on full pay” pending the outcome of a month-long investigation by a task team.

SASCOC said that “many instances of maladministration and malpractice that have occurred since at least December 2019. This has manifestly caused great concern and consternation amongst your own members, former and current members of the national team of the Proteas, stakeholders, sponsors, and members of the cricket-loving public.

“There can be no doubt that this has caused cricket to lose the trust and confidence of members of the public, stakeholders, sponsors and the players represented by SACA (the South African Cricketers’ Association). All this has brought cricket into disrepute.”


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