Team India ready to go under isolation: BCCI official

Team India ready to go under isolation: BCCI official
Team India ready to go under isolation: BCCI official

An official from the Board of Control of Cricket India (BCCI) has revealed that Team India will be going under isolation following the rules of Coronavirus before they will be signing in to the test matches against Australia later this year.

Team India is all set to face quarantine isolation to save the test series against Australia later this year, which, if in the case, will not take place, will cause financial disruptions to both boards, especially Australia.

Australia was to create higher profit as they were to organize ICC T20 World Cup but the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to be solving for God knows how much longer. In order to generate revenues, Australia have added one more test match to the four-match test series. The fifth match would be considered as a one-off Test match which has been scheduled for November against Afghanistan after India and Australia will play four-match test series of ICC Test Championship.

“There is no choice -– everyone will have to do that (quarantine). You would want to resume the cricket,” Dhumal told Fairfax newspapers. “Two weeks is not that long a lockdown.”

Both sides will be making sacrifices in order to save the test series. Australian official thinks that the money matters more to India which can be generated in a surplus amount by T20Is and ODIs rather than Test matches.

Team India ready to go under isolation: BCCI official

“They will want to have revenue and revenue most likely will come from ODIs or T20s much more than a Test match,” he said.

He also questioned whether elite players would be ready for the October tournament.

“They will have been out of cricket for a long time. Would you want to be without training for that long and straight away go and play [the] World Cup?” he asked. “That is a call every board has to take. It seems to be difficult,” he added.

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