IPL in UAE Dubai, PSL in Pakistan: Sourav Ganguly once called PSL as Dubai Premier League

IPL in UAE, Dubai, PSL in Pakistan: Sourav Ganguly once called PSL as Dubai Premier League
IPL in UAE, Dubai, PSL in Pakistan: Sourav Ganguly once called PSL as Dubai Premier League

The president of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI), Sourav Ganguly once called Pakistan’s T20 league, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) as the Dubai Premier League taunting them for holding their matches in UAE, Dubai back in 2016. However, destiny may turn without pre-alerts. The BCCI was eager to hold its cash-rich T20 league even amidst the horrible COVID-19 fears. They tried every trick to let their league happened although it was originally to be played on 29th March and faced various cancelations amidst the global virus.

With the rising COVID-19 cases in India, it was impossible to commence the game there. The cases have crossed a margin of 5 Million hence, the world’s richest cricket board moved their league entirely to UAE. It is to be noted that once they make fun of Pakistan for holding PSL in Dubai and the destiny has triggered them to drag IPL 2020 at UAE. As they did no want to wait, it also deprived fans to witness the matches as spectators.

Notably, Pakistan held every PSL match at their national backyard without any fear of COVID-19 whereas, the BCCI had to hold a 56-match tournament entirely in Dubai. Fans can better decide which one is a Dubai Premier League – IPL or PSL – CricTribune being sarcastic.

PSL in Pakistan, IPL in Dubai, which one is the Dubai Premier League :p ??

It is finally the revival of cricket in Pakistan as it has held many international matches in the last few years. However, considering COVID-19, India is looking forward to planning their home-series in UAE, Dubai as well – Fans also have made some memes over it.

Do you know: Sourav Ganguly once called PSL as Dubai Premier League, Read why?

Coronavirus entered Pakistan, the PCB decided not to move it to the foreign venues and instead locked the horns fora few matches in their national venues behind closed doors. With only three matches remaining, the board’s and PSL management plan has organized them at Karachi choosing Karachi Kings as the winner – a national venue for Pakistan’s T20 league.

If they wish, they could have moved it to another country such as UAE or they might have scrapped it up till a better time but they decided to keep it limited to their country. On the other hand, BCCI, keeping their nationalism aside, has organized a full version of IPL 2020 in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

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