Issues resolved between BCB and Bangladesh players

BCB agrees to most of the players’ demands:

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and the cricketers were in disagreement for the past few days. The issues were resolved with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) agreeing to most of the players’ demands on Wednesday, 23 October. The players also called the strike off after the issues were resolved between the BCB and the cricketers.

Bangladesh’s tour of India was in doubt after the players called a strike on Monday, 21 October. The cricketers put up a 13-points demand and sent it to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) higher-ups were keen on solving the problems as soon as possible and end the ongoing dispute between the board and the players.

The issues were finally resolved when the BCB agreed to the players’ demands and cricket activities and Bangladesh are set to resume. The National Cricket League (NCL) will start next Saturday. The preparation camp of Bangladesh cricketers for their upcoming tour for India will start from 25 October. Bangladesh’s tour of India will begin on 3 November.

Issues resolved between BCB and Bangladesh players


BCB chairman, Nazmul Hasan:

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chairman Nazmul Hasan said in a press conference that they had agreed to meet up most of the cricketers’ demands. He said that they had decided to cancel the third round of the National Cricket League (NCL), but now it has been shifted to the next Saturday after the cricketers agreed to play. Nazmul Hasan said about the national camp that it will start on 25 October.

Nazmul Hasan said that the cricketers had sent 11 demands where the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) had nothing to do with the Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB), while the BCB had decided to agree on the remaining demands of the cricketers aside from the one where it was stated that the players will be allowed to play in more than one franchise-based tournaments. He added that he does not think many cricketers are offered more than two such tournaments and the board will decide on the participation of these cricketers in the franchise-based cricket on a case-to-case basis.

Bangladesh Cricketer, Mustafizur Rahman:

The 13-point demand letter which was sent by the Bangladesh cricketers included revenue sharing of the board and gender parity as male cricketer felt that female cricketers should be treated equally by the BCB.

Bangladesh cricketer, Mustafizur Rahman said in a local hotel that they had sent a letter to the board placing their 13-point demand but that is nothing sort of a legal notice. He added that they want gender parity so our male and female cricketers are treated equally by the BCB.

Mustafizur Rahman said that they also want revenue sharing by the BCB as they believe that Bangladesh will be the biggest cricket market in Asia second only to India and it is on its way to being one of the leading ones in the whole world.

Bangladesh Cricketer, Shakib Al Hasan:

Shakib Al Hasan expressed his happiness and said that they will only be satisfied once these assurances will be implemented. Shakib Al Hasan also said that he is happy that the BCB promised to resolve all the matters one by one as soon as possible. He said that they raised those two demands just now and the BCB needs time to talk about it.

Shakib Al Hasan said that after the National Cricket League (NCL), they will talk about the CWAB, and Namur Rahman has assured them that only the current cricketers will be a part of CWAB. He also expressed his satisfaction while declaring that they will be joining the national camp from October 25.


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