Aaron Finch against the 20-minute innings break

Aaron Finch against the 20-minutes innings interval in rain-hit match against Pakistan:

Australia’s ODI and T20I captain, Aaron Finch expressed his disappointment while questioning the need for a 20-minute innings break in a rain-affected Pakistan vs Australia T20I match against at the SCG. The match was abandoned 11 balls before the second innings constituted a game which could have been very much possible if the 20-minute interval was reduced to a 10-minute break to make up for the lost time.

Australia was well ahead in the T20I against Pakistan, scoring 41 runs in just 3.1 overs, owing to a very expensive over from Mohammad Irfan where he conceded 26 runs. Aaron Finch smacked 37 runs off 16 deliveries with 5 fours and 2 sixes.

Aaron Finch against the 20-minute innings break 2

The Pakistan vs Australia match was already reduced to 15 overs per side due to rain during Pakistan’s innings. Pakistan’s innings had been interrupted by the rain after 12.4 overs and then resumed after the match was decided to be of 15 overs for both sides. Pakistan could have set up a more defendable total but due to the interruption, they finished their innings on 107 runs at the cost of 5 wickets after 15 overs, with Babar Azam scoring unbeaten 59 runs from 38 balls.

Aaron Finch about the innings break between Pakistan vs Australia Match:

Aaron Finch said that it is senseless to have a 20-minute break even when you are cutting overs off the game. He also said in a sarcastic tone that he found it interesting to still have a 20-minute innings break despite losing a few overs. He added that nothing can be done about it since it is part of the rules.

According to the ICC, playing conditions give the match referee the discretion to reduce the innings interval to 10 minutes, but that was not exercised between Pakistan vs Australia match.

Australia’s vice-captain Alex Carey revealed that Australia had approached the match officials regarding the length of the interval but the match officials insisted that no changes would be made to the standard interval.

Alex Carey said about the Australian openers that they did an outstanding job getting the start going, but it was a shame that they were just a little too late. He added that it is disappointing to be so close, but he accepts that it is a part of the game.

There are a lot of possibilities. Had there been time to resume the match for 11 more deliveries after the rain, the five-over target would have been 39 runs but Australia was already ahead of that target. Had there not been any rain, Pakistan would have fought back with their wickets and hitting some big shots in the death overs of the match.

Mohammad Rizwan said that if the match had continued for full 20 overs, they might have reached a total of 160 to 170 runs. He added that they lost early wickets but we had wickets in hand for the last few overs before the rain came.

Pakistan will face Australia in the 2nd T20I on November 5.

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